Catering Menu Options

The following are out most popular menu choices among our catering clients. Please choose from the following to create a customized menu. We strive to excel in customer service, so we are open to other potential menu ideas. If you need assistance in choosing items that will create a balanced meal, please let me know.

Meats (Pick 2)


Pulled Pork

Chicken Thighs

Pulled Chicken

Pork Loin

Glazed Ham (Seasonal - Holiday)

Prime Rib (In-House Catering Only)

Sides (Pick 2-3)

Potatos Salad


Pit Beans

Green Salad and Dressing

Loaded mashed Potatoes

Seasonal Fruit 

Smoked Jalapeno Bacon Mac N Cheese

Green Beans and Bacon

Whole Kernel Corn

Corn on the Cob (Seasonal)

Smoked Potatoes with Butter and Sour Cream (like baked potatoes, but smoked instead of baked)

Bread (Pick 1)

Dinner Rolls with Butter

Artisan Dinner Rolls with Butter

Cornbread Muffins with Butter

Brioche Slider Buns

Drinks (Optional)

Services Provided:

On-Premise Catering (In-House Banquet Room - seats 40 guests)

Off-Premise Catering (Buffet Style)

Loaded Potato Bar (ask for details)

Slider Bar (ask for details)

Taco Bar (ask for details)

Buffet Service - Includes Servers, Catering Equipment, Delivery, Setup, Cleanup, Buffet Table Linens, Buffet Decorations to Match Theme

Simple Delivery & Setup (ideal for under 50 guests) - Includes Delivery, Setup, Disposable Chafer Equipment

Food Vendor Setup - see more examples on our Facebook page at J & C BBQ and Catering

Easy Catering To Go - Schedule the time for pickup

Example of Simple Delivery & Setup

Example of In-House Catering

Example of Food Vendor Setup

Example of Themed Wedding