From Backyard to Entreperneur

Joe Poteet has been creating delicious barbecue for over 20 years. Family and friends had always suggested that he should open a restaurant, but he didn't want to make his hobby into a full time gig. That was until 2016 when he started getting tired of the 72 hours work week he was doing at the mill and he started doing research on opening a food trailer; something that his town of Sweet Home, Oregon didn't have.
Christy Poteet had gotten hurt on the job as a Paramedic and got the opportunity to go back to school for her Business Management Degree. Together with his creativity and his desire to create traditional smoked meats and her mind for business, together they created J & C BBQ and Catering in the Summer of 2016.
They knew that they could create traditional barbecue and homemade side dishes; a taste that couldn't be found unless you traveled to the South where barbecue was born.
With their unique craft and attention to every detail they decided to venture out into the catering world. Their catering services have become so well known that businesses and individuals from all over Oregon are seeking J & C BBQ and Catering for their catering needs. 
In 2017, Joe and Christy continued to expand to make a name for their small business and became a KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) Barbecue Team and competed with 34 other teams at The Mill Casino's BBQ, Blues & Brews by the Bay; a KCBS sanctioned event. They were excited to competed along side some of the biggest names in the barbecue world. Even though in this competition they didn't get a call for an award, they still placed higher than other teams that had been competing for awhile.
So in 2018, they worked on their flavor profiles and went back to compete again, and received two calls; one in brisket and the other in pork ribs. Joe and Christy won 9th place in brisket and 10th place in pork ribs with a 12th place overall placing out of 35 teams. They also took the KCBS Judges class that weekend and became certified KCBS Judges.
This has given them the desire to return next year and compete again, looking for a call in each meat category. Hopefully, in the future they will get the opportunity to travel the competition circuit and bring more awards home. It's on their bucket list to one day compete in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue in Kansas City and the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue Competition.
Good Luck to these two!